personal statement代写-澳大利亚的人权保护

  本篇personal statement代写-澳大利亚的人权保护,这篇文章的目的是讨论人权是如何被引入澳大利亚法律的。令人感兴趣的是,尽管澳大利亚法律中没有单独的权利法案,但人权受到保护和提供的是法律制度的性质。有许多不利之处可以反对单独制定《权利法案》。但在不断变化的体系中,这个国家确实也可以考虑独立的人权法案。澳大利亚高级委员会还通过《1986年澳大利亚人权委员会法》发挥积极作用。该委员会直接采用了可以保护人权的条例形式,类似于拥有一项权利法案。特别地,委员会承担了这三项法案所规定的责任和规定。首先,1975年的《种族歧视法》旨在保护该国人民免受种族歧视。种族不应再作为政治参与的阻碍因素而存在,基于种族的歧视应根据该法受到惩罚,从而保护人民。接下来有关personal statement代写-澳大利亚的人权保护提供给大家阅读。

  The Australian High Commission also plays an active role with the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986. This Commission directly introduced the form of regulations that could protect human rights similar to having a bill of right. In particular, the Commission takes up the responsibilities and provisions that were defined under these three acts. Firstly, the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 seeks to protect people from racial discrimination in the country. Race should no longer exists as an inhibitor in political participation, race based discrimination is punishable under this Act and it serves to protect the people thus. The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Age Discrimination Act 1996 are seen to be two more acts that seek to protect the most fundamental of human rights. Most of these anti-discrimination laws for protecting human rights are very well received within the country. The commission of a routine nature is seen to be involved in allegations where rights are breached. Some of the common anti-discrimination breaches observed are that of employment based discrimination, housing, education, services and more. More equal opportunity agencies came to be recognized only after this commission regulations and action. Some of the other human rights recognized are that of the ones in Victoria. There is no typical state human rights legislation. However, each of these laws takes into consideration the essence of human rights. Child protection laws will for instance treat human right situations with importance. Most individual complaints directed at the commission are handled and are also reported directly to the Parliament, which will then take the needed action for formulating regulatory measures for handling the particular situation in future. The Government does its own assessment before deciding to accept any recommendations. Some State and territory acts have been improved by such recommendations.

  The purpose of this essay was to discuss how human rights are introduced into the Australia law. It is interesting that despite there is not a separate bill of rights in Australian law, it is the nature of the legal system that human rights are protected and provided for. Many disadvantages can be argued against having a separate bill of rights. But in the changing system, the country can indeed consider a separate bill of rights too.

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