Thus, it is true to say that the health and the growth of the children is severally impacted because of their exposure to second hand smoke during their childhood or at their growing stage. It has been observed that the children continue to have issues related to phlegm, cough and cold and middle ear disease other than the common diseases. The suffering of children who were subjected to second hand smoking has been seen in the researches and work of epistemologies. For the children who have not previously exhibited any symptoms, any exposure to second hand smoke could result in asthma. Moreover, the risk for sudden death syndrome is increasing because of the exposure to the second hand smoke. There is a high risk of respiratory tract infections like bronchitis and pneumonia for the children and infants who are younger than 6 are exposed regularly to second hand smoke. There is also an increased risk for middle ear infections for the children who regularly breathe second hand smoke.

Critical Review

There are several ethical issues which are to be taken into consideration before taking up any medical research especially on the case where human subjects are involved. The proposal shows that the children are at risk due to second hand smoke. The proposal is mainly based on the secondary sources, i.e. it is based on the past studies conducted earlier. In the studies, to test the impact of second hand smoke on children various studies must have taken children under observation to confirm the impacts of second hand smoke on the health of children.

In case when the consent is required from vulnerable adults for instance people with learning difficulties or mental health issues and children, special care is needed. So as to ensure that the relevant information is being rendered in required pictorial or written form special arrangements must be made. At the same time the responsibilities and the role of the caretakers, parents and supporters must be specifically understood and explained.