当孩子出生时,Larry Field看到了压力的第一个迹象。他常常在晚上打篮球,在星期日的下午,他用垒球。他的孩子不仅打乱了他的日程安排,而且是额外开支的来源。

当他在工作地点成为机组的老板时,压力也随之加大。他的一个下属在夜校获得工程学学位。他的下属是同年龄的拉里。他对学者Alfonso Reyes感到严重的不安,拉里认为他会取代他。拉里结结巴巴地说自己的话。这又是他脸红了,因为他必须重新开始。他开始抽烟,他从来没有因为他约会什么的。他过去常常在船员面前抽烟,因为被动吸烟而使他们恼火。




  • 采用健康的生活方式
  • 跟其他的人很多。那意味着提高他的社交生活。
  • 分享他的问题和他的感情的朋友,老师,医生,最重要的是他的妻子
  • 戒烟吸烟和饮酒具有立竿见影的效果
  • 休息(Hobfoll和礼来公司,1993)


Larry Field’s first sign of stress was observed when his child was born. He used to play basketball at night and on the Sunday afternoon, he used to softballs. His baby not only disturbed his schedule, but was also a source of additional expenses.

More stress followed when he was made the boss of the crew at his workplace. One of his subordinate was getting a degree in engineering at night school. His subordinates were of same age as Larry was. He was suffering from severe insecurity to Alfonso Reyes, the scholar, who Larry felt would replace him. Larry was stumbling of his own words. This is in turn was turning his face red as he had to start all over again. He started to smoke, something he never did since he was dating. He used to smoke in front of his crew that made them irritated because of passive smoking.

The things were getting murky at Larry’s home as well. His wife had given up her job and was babysitting at night. The tension of Larry was apparent as all he and his wife talked about was how to move to California or Alaska, where for the kind of work Larry do, it is paid five times than he had been getting.  Larry could realize that his wife was dissatisfied with him as she thought Larry’s talent was wasted in the way he is leading his life.

Larry was trying to cope with his stress by employing self defeating tactics. He started to smoke and drinking and worrying that became a pattern in Larry’s life.

Some of the steps Larry can take to cope with the stress he was going on are:

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • Talking to other people a lot. That  means enhancing his social life
  • Sharing his problems  and his feelings with friends, counselor, doctor and most importantly with his wife
  • Quitting smoking and drinking with immediate effect
  • Taking a break (Hobfoll & Lilly, 1993