The Reform Club of Hong Kong was one of the oldest political affiliates and groups that was formed in Hong Kong. It was formed in 1949 and extended up until 1990. It was formed as a civic association to help the people and general criticised the ruling government of their oppressive polices. They were instrumental in bringing a number of changes and awareness about political manoeuvring to the people. This was allowed to be formed in the nation as a repercussion of the Pacific wars and a general criticism of the governmental activities. Hence a number of political reform groups was formed in the mainland and also in Hong Kong to deal with any oppressive practise of the government.

  Elsie Elliot had often said , “I’m not for China, I’m not for Britain. I’ve always been for the people of Hong Kong and for justice.”

  Elsie Elliot joined the Political Party “The Reform club” of Hong Kong. This was probably a very important political move that Elsie Elliot had to take to bring in order to the region. The Reform club of Hong Kong was one of the earliest political parties in Hong Kong. They were considered to be a very different organization that wanted to serve for the benefit of the public. It was in existence till the 1990. Elsie Elliot was elected to become an Urban Council member in 1963. This was an important political position. Elsie Elliot was able to bring in a lot of political change owing to this aspect. This councillor position helped her deal with many of the issues of the public and she was considered to be an ideal leader of the masses during her tenure as councillor. It was during this time she effectively used her British identity and her position as a local councillor to help the people. This body which dealt with the local district matters, it handled issues such as the health of the public, recreation and culture. The membership was a mixture of the publicly elected people and some people were partially appointed.

  Elsie Elliot ran the Bernacchi Reform Club and eventually quit

  “Bernachhi did not welcome challenges to his authority within the Reform club and Elsie Elliot did not submit to the discipline or indeed anything that would deflect from her self-appointed mission. She resigned from the club after receiving sever rebuke from Bernacchi”

  It was the club that was founded to bring constitutional reform of the colony. The fundamental notion of the club was to ensure that the people needs were satiated. However, there was difference of opinion between Elsie Elliot and Bernachhi. This was not because of governments principle of divide and rule. It was said that Elsie Elliot and Bernachhi had a lot of ideological difference. The inherent patriarchy of the movement was the reason for Elsie to eventually move away from the club.

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