The Hospitality sector is the very important sector in the Australia. It has a huge growth as it is giving good job opportunities to an individual across the globe. It is the entertainment hub for the tourists that come from all over the world and the people living in the country. The most of the job will disappear from the Australia because of the Technology (Breakey et al., 2014, p. 305). If we talk about the trends that are significant in the Hospitality Industry in the Australia, then first and the very much important is the Technology. Large chains of the hotels operating along the Melbourne are experimenting on the technologies as it is the most important element that assists the industry to grow. Robotic technology, mobile applications, use of the new and trendy techniques for their clients and promoting their brands through social media to get brand visibility are very much important. These are giving the employment opportunities to the individuals to apply for the jobs in the hospitality sector and making their career.
Tapping towards the green practices is again the trends in this sector. Sustainability of hotels in the selected area is necessary in this sector. Hotels in the Melbourne and in Australia are practicing this which will assist them to invest less. Solar-powered pool heaters are used and the hotels are offering locally sourced toiletries that will aid them to invest less. Investing in the health and wellness is another emerging factor in the sector. This field is now emerging on large extent (McPhail et al., 2015, p. 4). Now, as the each and every individual are too much concerned about their health, the hotels are providing spa services and Ayurveda treatments to make their consumer feel relax won their stay. Customized or we can say personalized services to the customers is in trend. Many top hotels have introduced voice-activated hotel rooms that aid the guests to adjust the temperature and lighting to explore local attractions by themselves. This assists the hotels to attract the new and more tourists and make good brand visibility in the market.
If we talk about the forecast of the Hospitality sector, then first and foremost is the technology. It is gearing up on the large scale and the hotels have to pace up with it if they want to exist in the market. They have to match the needs and want of the demands of the tourist and come up with something new and unique (Mohammed et al., 2015, p. 101). It is important to attract the tourist if they want to grow. The new way of communication through Social Media is again a big challenge in the coming years each and every hotel has to take big step towards the digital platform of communication.
This new way of communication has made it possible to leverage large number of audiences across the whole world to attract the people all over the world. The average Australian hotel employs skilled people and in the near future, it will increase to the huge extent. There will be large investment in terms of the infrastructure in the Australian Hospitality sector. Business travel is on the top when we considered Australia and in future, it will be on the top priority. Many hotels in the Australia have record of visitor during the year. In the near future and there is a chance of high growth for the hotel industry.

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