Personality assessment of the patient displays that she is extrovert and has a dominating behaviour. She does not display empathetic behaviour towards others and does not like to be in control. She believes that she is the best and she should always be praised by others. She feels that she is “unique” and “special” and she expects better treatment from others. She also displays arrogant behaviour towards other people.

  Appearance: Lisa is a female and Protestant Christian. She is well groomed and wear neat clothes and have intact make-up. No signs of self-neglect can be seen, as she is very careful and obsessive about herself.

  Behaviour and Speech: The behaviour of the patient seems to be pre-occupied. However, she makes intense eye contact while talking. She likes to impress others from her style and way of talking. Therefore, she is very careful about her speech and way of looking at others (Karakoula & Triliva, 2016). The volume of voice and rate of speech increases, when she finds that she is not being praised. She also displays anger towards criticism and rejection. Pre-occupation is noted in content of her speech.

  Mood and Effect: She has an elevated mood and highly reactive and dominating. She rapidly moves from enthusiasm to irritability. Effect of mood is displayed through anger and dislike towards others.

  Thought and Perception: Thought of the patient is found to be disturbed and over obsessive. She displayed delusional thinking and displays unreasonable expectations. The perception of thought lacks empathy for others and she believes that other people are envy of her.

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