There are several nations across the globe with local authorities considered responsible to protect the health of humans, on the basis of the assumption that there lies significant ability to address local problems considering solutions with local modification. In fact, the legal aspects regulating food trade, food safety and food control in general take place at different levels, subnational and national. There is no denial in the fact that with the approaching 21st century, it is just impossible for ignoring the global scope within which the framework of national regulation lies, as international problems have started to grow with respect to influence and prominence since recent years.

  Pre-packaged products of beverage and food in export to China identify the need for obtaining a certificate of sanitary and being in compliance with the requirements of labelling among the others. All of the imported beverages and food products are identified as major subjects for the matter of inspection by the entry- exit procedures of China and Bureau of Quarantine. The import procedures of China can be identified as extremely complex and long for shipment at initial stage. However, shipments have turned out to be extremely regular and local officials of CIQ have some familiarity with the product, and therefore, there appears to be a significant scope of straightforwardness within the process. Since recent years, the significant growth of importing agriculture based products in China has ended up bringing a number of challenges getting between the reseller or importer of China and the foreign exporter. The biggest challenges are in context with complications of the certification system and the administrative procedures. The certification system is a system consisting of health restrictions and sketchy authorizations.

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