代写-使用金纳米颗粒治疗癌症。金纳米粒子由于具有增强的辐射吸收散射能力而被用于癌症治疗。因此,使用表皮生长因子受体(EFGR)抗体(癌细胞表达的蛋白)包覆金纳米颗粒的积极影响有助于附着在癌细胞上。这有助于破坏癌细胞,留下与EFGR无关的正常细胞。Kim, Lee & Sidransky(2010)认为,由于金所表现出的热导体特性,与正常细胞相比,金能帮助癌细胞快速升温。金纳米颗粒在癌症治疗中的另一种行为突出了聚乙二醇分子的存在,这些分子有利于抑制癌细胞内的防御机制。金纳米粒子的穿透能力增强了它们用于癌症治疗的能力,因为它们基本上是在依赖于EPR效应的癌症部位积累的。接下来论文范文代写-使用金纳米颗粒治疗癌症分享给留学生阅读。

  In addition, gold nanoparticles have been used in detection of cancer cells for destroying them. Gold nanoparticles are used in cancer treatment because of their enhanced scattering ability by absorption of radiation. Thus, positive impact of coating gold nanoparticles using antibody for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EFGR), which is protein expressed by the cancer cells helps in attaching to the cancer cells. This aids in damaging the cancer cells leaving behind the normal cells that are not linked with EFGR. As asserted by Kim, Lee & Sidransky (2010), due to the property of heat-conductor exhibited by gold, it aids in heating the cancer cells in a rapid manner as compared to the normal cells. Another behavior of the gold nanoparticles in treatment of cancer highlight presence of polyethylene glycol molecules that are beneficial for inhibiting the defense mechanism present within the cancer cells. Penetration capability of gold nanoparticles enhances their ability to be used in cancer treatment as they essentially accumulate at the cancer sites that is dependent on the EPR effect.

  The use of nanomedicines has proved very effective for cancer treatment compared to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which is the most commonly, used techniques. The nanomedicines have been able to treat cancerous cells by precise target and it does not affect the normal cells. The nanomedicines use the principle of Enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect to yield promising result for cancer treatment.

  Polymers are used in recent decades widely as biomaterials for their favorable properties like good biocompatibility, easy design and preparation, several types of structures and interesting bio mimetic character.

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