The assessment of the impact of the technological developments on managing the human resources is showing the appropriate coordination of the works which are essential for the management in the hospitality industry . The assessments are provided in the following points which are described in an appropriate way。

  The social media recruitment will enable the hospitality industry to have the advanced fast process of the recruitment. It is executed by the process of online selection procedures by which the examination is for the selection is conducted .

  Finger printing technology: This technology will enable the management to keep track on the timings of the entry and the exit of the human resources in the hospitality industry. The coordination between the employees and the management can be easily maintained.

  Email communication: The email communication will enable the management to share the work details, and the other related information to the particular employee as per the needs and the requirements is raised. This is identified to the safe and the secured process of the communication.

  Electronic files: The generation of the electronic files will enable the management to keep track on the performances as the business and the report can be easily maintained in a safe and secured way (Fisher, Schoenfeldt and Shaw, 2006).

  Performance measurement system for evaluation KPI: The performance measurement system must be used for the purpose of determining the efficiency and the effectiveness of the human resources in the hospitality industry.

  Technological engagement with the employees: The technological engagement is very much essential as it is focusing on the management of the management of the employees and the advancements can be easily made for the employees with saving time in their conducting activities.

  Online recruitment: The online recruitment process enables the company to save time and the huge amount of the recruitment can be easily conducted without facing any barriers (Foot, Hook and Jenkins, 2016).

  Cloud and the mobile technology: The cloud and the mobile technology enables in establishing the appropriate factors as it maintains the coordination which is essential for showing the stability in the work.

  Online staff training: The online staff training must be appropriately conducted by showing the explanation of the work. This is illustrating the capability of the employees and the staffs to adopt the IT technology and the measurements can be easily conducted by showing the study as it is surrounding the computerized testing processes (Härtel and Fujimoto, 2010).

  Skype interviews: The Skype interviews bring advancement in the hospitality industry and the importance can be understood by showing the explanation of the situation which is surrounding the changes as explained by the help of the IT technology.

  Therefore, the above technological developments are playing the important role for the management of the interview process with the selection process, coordination in work, the management of the employees and the mitigation of the issues in work can be easily mitigated by undertaking the IT technologies (Härtel and Fujimoto, 2010).

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