All the five students had a strong opinion about the ideology they believed served best for the nations. The intent of the students was to sincerity help the nations and the element of concern they had for the development of the economic conditions of all the people in the society. Of the speakers, one student of the group spoke vehemently about the importance of capitalism. This speaker had recently read writings of Ayn Rand and was persuaded that capitalism thatwas the best course of action and that Micheal Moore was exaggerating about the events. The veracity of truth in the documentary and the issues were questioned or rather challenged. During this course of speech, another student spoke about the disproportionate growth in the society and attributed to the gaps or weaknesses of the capitalism ideology. There was a heated conversation between what was the best economic measure for the growth of the nation and this aspect of the conversation echoed the sincerity of the speakers. One student immediately tried to play the diplomatic act and ensures that the conversation did not turn to be a heated conversation. They tried to turn the focus towards the actual documentary by stating that there is no high quality graphics or interesting cinematic twists that are larger than life in this documentary. It simply showcases the difficulties encountered by the people and how they are able to move forward in this scenario. This was to reduce the stress and the vehemence level of the conversation.

  This in turn proved that there can be a number of ways in which a conversation and the salvaged. Preparatory speech conditions and the essential speech conditions propagated by the speech act were seen to be in play during this course of the conversation (Schegloff, 1988).

  During the course of the conversation, it was found that the participants indulged in turn taking notions. They were all interested to speak but some people continued to prolong the conversation. There was no formalized approach as to who should speak next in the conversation. One participant continued to prolong the conversation in an effort to convert all the people to their particular ideology. They only wanted to challenge the other person in the conversation. They directly gazed upon the person making the opposing stand. Owing to this, the other person was forced to make their points in the conversation.

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