单身人士提升购买更多准备饭的增长和潜水员现成的食物而不是自己做饭,这扩大了健康问题。因为在该报告从d远见的报告。“每天6克盐是推荐的成人水平。一个餐2.4 g是推荐级别。带走牛肉、青椒、豉椒,炒饭包含27.6克盐。超过400%的成年人的推荐日摄食量…饮食组成的高水平的盐,饱和脂肪和糖都是与肥胖和慢性疾病。”



Moreover, in the absence of a partner or roommate, which means without a “surveillance eye”, we let ourselves loose at home that leads to poor eating habits and risks of being unhealthy. According to the research from AICR, people who living alone are conductive to weight gain and long-term health problems due to the eating habits (AICR).

Singles are promoted to buy more prepared meal because of the growth and divers of ready-made food rather than cooking their own, which enlarged the health problem. Because during the report from d in the Foresight Report. “6g of salt per day is the recommended level for an adult. For a single meal 2.4g is the recommended level. A take away beef, green peppers, black bean sauce and fried rice contains 27.6g of salt. That’s over 400% of an adult’s recommended daily allowance…Diets consisting of high levels of salt; saturated fats and sugars are all linked with obesity and chronic illness.”

In this essay, I will explore the question how eating alone changed our cooking and eating behaviours as well as the social aspect of solo eating. And how can product design could encouraged them to healthier eating.