游戏3 – 8球员的能力,建议6位玩家玩游戏应该平稳运行和完善的结果和参与的所有球员。这是一个纸牌游戏相关的部落文化。有几种类型的卡片游戏机制中。这些卡片包括:








Games are the main source of providing recreation and entertainment to the gamers. The application of design in a game is to achieve tactical, educational and simulation between players in a helpful and productive manner. The design of the game plays significant role in becoming popular and famous among masses. Game design contributes towards the aspects of player’s likings and disliking. The game which is focused in this design document is related to tribal honor. The player in action is considered chief of the tribe. He has to make decisions being in the position of tribal chief. The player is supposed to fulfill tribal demands while maintaining his honor. The tribal honor is measured as the number of shells in the game.

The game has the capacity of 3-8 players, while it is recommended that 6 players should play the game for smooth run and perfect outcomes and involvement of all the players. It is a card game related to the tribe culture. There are several types of cards included in the game mechanics. These cards include:

  • Skill cards Hunting, logging, fishing, tool etc.        24
  • Resource cards Meat, wood, fish, tools etc.                  100
  • Demand cards Demands of tribal men                   40
  • Chance cards Golden, blue, red, green                 60
  • Shell cards Winning criteria                       60

Chance cards are identified with colors, such as golden, red, blue and green chance cards. Golden chance card is used to counter other player using his chance card. Red and blue can be used after rolling the dice excluding negotiations whereas green can be used in negotiations. Shell cards are used to identify the winner at the end of the game. The player having maximum shells wins the game. In addition to all these cards, two fate dices are also used in the game.