The principle of persuasion works most of the time, especially in events where the purchase decision of a customer is not too expensive. People, while buying consumer goods, tend to follow the herd and are persuaded more often by testimonials of other customers. It may not be very effective in situations where a parent is trying to ascertain the right education and way of life for his children. This kind of persuasion is not good for society, because it is meant to convert individual entities into similar thinking and behaving masses. It is done purely for fulfilling multinational purposes.

Discontinuance is a more difficult challenge than deterrence. This is because discontinuance is simply putting an immediate abrupt opposition to a habit that the individual has developed and is a part of him (Bell & Smith, 2011). Deterrence is not that difficult for it is seen as a warning or alerting information, which is taken as a concern by the receiver. Discontinuance disturbs the recipient’s stand and thoughts, hitting him hard. For example, asking an individual to immediately stop smoking for its ill effects is difficult as it is an addictive habit, but asking someone to be away from smoking, who is not a smoker yet, is easier.

Persuasion can either be ethical or unethical. It depends on the way it is communicated, the extent of morality in the recipient and their decision taking ability that understands right and wrong conduct and consequences. For instance, when a friend persuades his friend to leave laziness and start becoming more alert at work, it is a good persuasion which leads the recipient to become better in life. This is ethical persuasion. However, when a terrorist uses immoral religious precepts and makes him believe in the authenticity of atrocities toward innocent people, it is an unethical persuasion used for the wrong reasons.

The following is the link of the elevator speech selected. The speech lies in the 10th paragraph and goes by the person name Jessica Hill (Collamer, 2013).
The strengths of the speech are that it is absolutely straightforward and without any hiccups for the speaker. It lays down the perfect example of being unhesitant and to the point, which sometimes is the best way of representing oneself. Even the recipient receives it openly and understands the importance of the straightforwardness Jessica reflects.
However, its weakness lie in its attracting arrogance, since all Jessica speaks is about her and what she wants, not giving any heed to what the recipient demands or wants. Speaking about oneself only may sound more arrogant than one actually is, thanks to such speeches.

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