Attitudinal loyalty stems from the positive experiences that one has with a product, and in this origin, it is like the trust factor as the trust factor is also created from positive experiences.

  Attitudinal loyalty is found to be concentrated on the psychological pledge that the consumer makes with respect to the brand (Fournier, 1999). The loyalty refers to the ways in which the consumers deal with the various intensive problems and the behaviour that it covers (Kim & Ko, 2010). These are found to be based on the brand and the competitive comparisons with the different brands that existing in the markets. These positive brand images lead to the development of strong brand preferences towards the brand, similar to trust (Kim & Ko, 2010).

  Researchers have identified, that in this systemic pattern, the cognitive responses of the people need to be matched with the personalities of the brand (Kim & Ko, 2010). The factors of attitudinal loyalty can be explained in terms of product competency. The excitement is that product generates within the market, its sincerity and more are involved here. The consumers are drawn to brand that score high in these indices (Herbst et al., 2012). These are then compared with the indices of learning, motivation, perception and the social attitudes. The beliefs and attitude of the people are compared with the brand loyalty. The belief is the system where the consumer hopes that the product would meet their initial requirements. This is a faith that the people develop in the brand after continued meeting of the demands (Fournier, 1999; Kim & Ko, 2010). Each time the consumer is found to make a contact with a brand, their attitudinal beliefs and established beliefs of the brand are reflected (Herbst et al., 2012). These are not much different from the trust attributes as identified by researchers. These are found to influence how the consumer will make purchase. Hence it has to be considered in context with purchase intentions towards a brand.

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