The locality is known for its art gallery at one hand, home with bohemian culture, and being a commercial hub at other. The locality has made its own name between the visitors on basis of its diverse mixture of art and finance. Although the locality is a commercial hub, the planning of the locality is done exclusively as residential town. To maintain the image of locality and on the same time for the convenience of resident, it was essential that infrastructure of the locality should be revived again. The locality has shown a steep rise in number of cars in the last decades. It is planning as a residential town though its development as a commercial hub makes the life of resident and visitors more attractive. Locality which is known for its art gallery, the rising income in nearby small towns has made it easy for the resident to buy car and the lack of public transport to, the extent needed, make it essential for resident and visitors to use personal or rented vehicle for communicating here and there in the locality.
According to the chartered survey, the demand of shop and offices is the maximum in Porter Brook compare to any other locality in the Toronto. The survey was done by a British based Royal Institute of Chartered surveyor, which predicts that demand for commercial property in the area has reached a highest level ahead of Thailand, Russia and USA. A recent survey concludes that a city with 1.6 M population have 620,000 cars which is showing a steep rise in the coming years.
Graphical Location
The graphical location of the property is a notable variable which is to be considered while assessing the service quality provided to the customers. In Toronto, the higher property rates in the area like Porter Brook make it one of the lucrative places for investment. Many Investors from around the world wants to invest in these properties. The investment of Black money is one of the risks associated with these properties. A proper verification of documents is needed to proceed further in any transaction so that transparent business can be taken place (Britain, 2009).
Service provided
The expectation of the customer versus the proved service is defined as the service quality (Laxton, 1983). For an organization to be successful, it is important that they provide the best services to the customers of the organization and the same holds for the Porter Brook property. A lasting impression in the minds of the user of services is needed so that they feel worth of every penny invested .It is important for organizations to be proactive in their actions to provide the best service to the customers. It has been observed that, the organizations which provide the required services to the customers before they even need them outperform organizations who take action after the demand of the service (McCollough, Berry & Yadav, 2000).

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