論文代寫價格-可口可樂的CSR努力。可口可樂有五點可持續努力。它與100名大學生就可持續發展夥伴關系展開公開對話,制定計劃。在美國已經成立了一個綜合功能專家和可持續發展團隊。這是一個相對較新的業務功能。2013年,可口可樂中國推出了“5by20”計劃,與女性發展項目合作。這些國家的可持續努力符合中國人民的意識形態(Tian and Slocum, 2016)。他們為全國16200名婦女組織了項目。在廣西,該公司正在努力開發可持續農業舉措。其中一些措施包括將糖供應商的水回收到甘蔗田。這些都是為了建設滴灌和提高水的效率。

Coca-Cola has a five point sustainable efforts. It has an open dialogue on the sustainability partnership with 100 college students to develop a plan. There is a integrated functional expertise and sustainability team that has been opened in the nation. This is a relatively newer business function. In 2013, Coca-Cola China launched “5by20” initiative to work with the women develop program. These sustainable efforts of the nation are in line with the ideology of the Chinese people (Tian and Slocum, 2016). They had organized programs for 16200 women in the nation. In Guangxi Province there is efforts taken by the company to develop sustainable agricultural initiatives. Some of them include the reclamation of water from the sugar suppliers to the sugarcane field. These were to build drip irrigation and to increase the efficiency of the water.
Added to this they have partnered with One Foundation and established “Clean Water 24” program in cases of disaster relief. There were 10 natural disasters in the nation for the year 2013; Coca-Cola China alone supplied over 3.57 million bottles in the areas affected by the disasters (Tian, 2016).
There were 150 community development walk events that were organized by the state. 66 health lectures in over 30 cities were organized (Caplan, Dutta and Lawson, 2016). They also professed the importance of living healthy and developed a physical exercise regime for over 3.1 million people in the state.
These CSR activities are found to have a considerable impact of on the consumer perception
Consumer perception of Coca-Coca in China
The company also launched marketing campaign in the local dialects to connect with the people. Coca-Cola has managed to breakthrough into the Chinese markets and there is a generally positive perception of Coca-Cola in the Chinese consumers. They are a strong brand association of the people (Ciochetto, 2013). In general, the Chinese consumers are open to the different brands from the western nations. Coca-Cola has managed to garner a brand image (Tian and Slocum, 2016.)
However, the growing number of scandals has made the people apprehensive of Coca-Cola and carbonated drinks in general. The company can embark on more efforts to improve this brand persona.

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