Based on the research performed in the previous sections, power is an essential element in the buyer supplier relationship. In the case of competitive market, trust overtakes power but the latter is never eliminated. For instance, when a product is supplied by 5 suppliers at the same rate, buyers determine the right one through trust and value services offered by every supplier. When power is not used, the outcomes are certainly to create negative impacts.

  Having understood that trust overtakes power, the argument is that behavioural imposition is essential over power to handle a deal efficiently.

  A better example to support this argument is to regard the social network analysis (SNA) (Galaskiewicz, 2011). This is related to the management of relationships between different actors. SNA regards supplier network as an ego network and this develops numerous trust issues. This situation happens mainly when the network is large and the supplier is found to exercise extreme power over the buyer. Various situations are there when a single sourcing option for the buyer and the relationship has to be solved neatly so that power does not rule it.

  When the supplier network size is large, it creates agitations in power and the benefits from cost performance are missed. On the other hand, this can lose trust and loyalty of buyers with the suppliers (Maloni & Benton, 2000). This answers the argument that power and trust go hand in hand and behavioural imposition comes with power in the back. Therefore, they can never be separated.

  The best solution given by the researchers is to establish an intersection between trust, power and supplier network size (Terpend & Bryan, 2012). In this case, even when a number of suppliers for a particular product are located, it becomes easier for buyers to choose the right one efficiently and self-enforce the contract. This can result in mutual relationships and better cost performance. Single sourcing with mutual power is better than multi sourcing with different power levels.

  Mediated power is not encouraged as it can be thought as an aggressive form. This mediated power can create negative impacts and increase conflicts thereby reducing the performance. Non mediated power can promote collaboration but may lack direction. This shows that the intersection of all the three variables can result in better relationships between the both ends and sustainability in the market irrespective of the size, demands and benefits.

  When interdependence happens between the actors in value chain, it ensures success. It demands for an intersection between the variables that influence relationships. As a result, it is feasible for both the buyers and suppliers to rightly choose and manage the contracts with dedicated support and avoid conflicts in the future.

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