论文代写-社会或经济性质的潜在后果。在这一部分的研究中,我们将重点关注社会或经济性质的潜在后果。如果说制定标准的过程是一个政治过程,那么规制就是政治过程的产物。关键的基本原理是,由于需要监管的活动影响了整个社会的财富分配,因此它将是政治性的。标准制定机构倾向于鼓励几个受影响的缔约方在起草法规标准的版本时提交意见。多数情况下,这可以被视为正常的正当程序。此外,如果标准的制定者对收到的几份意见书中表达的观点提供了适当的考虑,那么法规可以被认为是一些经济和社会考虑的结果(Ziad和Ayoub, 2009)。然而,在决定新投资时,考虑碳排放成本、劳动生产率、汇率和成本是很重要的。接下来论文范文论文代写-社会或经济性质的潜在后果分享给留学生阅读。

  This will be answered in favour with focus over potential consequences of social or economic nature in this part of the research. If the process of setting standard can be considered as a process of politics, then regulation can be considered as an output from the process of politics. The key rationale is that as the activities requiring regulation impacts the distribution of wealth across the society, consequently it will turn out to be political (Shaheen, 2006). Bodies of standard setting tend to encouraging several impacted parties for making submission in drafting the versions of standards of regulation. Mostly, this can be identified as a normal due process. In addition, if it is accepted that the setters of standard provide due consideration for expressing views in several submissions being received, then regulation can be considered as the result of several economic and social considerations (Ziad and Ayoub, 2009). However, it is important for considering the costs of carbon released, productivity of labour and the rate of exchange and costs when taking a decision on new investment. Hence, I disagree that regulation is the output of political process, instead it can be considered as the output of social or economic processes.

  Graduate attributes are inclusive of ethical practice, cross-cultural competence, information technology competence, team work, information literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and communication. I was aware of several graduate attributes before the course, but I was unaware of the fact that these not only include qualities, but also is inclusive of understandings and skills that I should be developing during the course of my studies. I was able to establish a significant view about the overall perception of accounting and economic theories. I enjoyed a lot in completing the assignment as I was not only given the opportunity of acknowledging theories, but also applying it.

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