From the course and different interactions, I got to understand that although my sense of rhythm is good, I need major improvement in creating the lyrics on my rhythm. This is because words and phrases have to be aligned in accordance with the rhythm and gel smoothly into the tone of the song. Thus, it is of paramount importance that the words and the lyrics chosen to build a song are chosen very effectively and carefully. Through interactions with different students in the course, I got a fair idea of my weaknesses and got a perspective of how it might affect my performance in the future and restrain me from being successful. I networked with a few students who were highly skilled at this and it was interesting to discuss with them and how they mastered the art. They provided me with valuable insights of their own experience and also gave me suggestions on how I could improve on my weaknesses. They gave me valuable tips and tricks to improve and practise daily to hone the art of placing lyrics more accurately. This way the course was highly beneficial for me as it gave me deep insights into my weaknesses and how to improve on them. It encouraged me to analyse my work more closely and gain deeper insights into making my work more perfect. This course was immensely valuable for me in terms of analysing my work and gaining a broader perspective of music through networking and knowledge sharing.
Plans to Improve
Though the course, I was able gain considerable insights on my work. I also got a perspective of where my work stands with respect to other musicians in the market. Having analysed my work closely, I now wish to take steps to improvise my work. Firstly, being under the able guidance of a mentor is of paramount importance. A good mentor will be able to highlight the weaknesses in the current work and would identify steps to improve on my work. Moreover, a perfect work demands a lot of practise and hard work. As the old paradigm states: ‘Practise makes a man perfect’, it is perfectly applicable to the field of music. Dedicated hard work and practise are bound to bear fruitful results in the future. Self learning and self improvement are the best ways to improvise ourselves and our skills. Hence, through careful observation of my work, I shall have a close ad critical eye for my work. Only through self realization, will I be able to discover my flaws. Once this discovery is made, all necessary steps shall be taken to remove such flaws and strive for perfection. For overall personality development as individual, additional courses to hone presentation skills and personality development can be undertaken. This will help in an overall development of me as an individual along with my skills and work.

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