The show is about the changing role of the men in the family. Gender dynamics are probed and the nuanced implication and the issues of modern day families have been interestingly showcased in the series. In the show “Dad, Where Are We Going (爸爸去哪儿)”, five celebrity fathers are sent on 72 long hour journeys in remote locations. They need to compete in various levels and tasks in order to sustain. The celebrities who participate in the show are from various sectors such as bloggers and featured celebrities. They probe into the gender dynamics by taking on a more active familial role as nurturer.

  Traditionally the women take a more active role in running of the family. They are an integral element and often play the sole role of a nurturer in the family. This show questions this ideology and shows men taking on more important familial role. Women employees are increasing in China. They need to work in order to sustain in the current economy. They are accepted by the mainstream employers. Owing to this the women cannot only undertake the traditional role of the caregiver in the family. The inner turmoil’s and the importance of the role of the mother in the family are shown in this show. The men in the show try to undertake role such as comforting of a child, braiding the fair of the daughter and other roles that are conventionally assumed to be that of the women. The show is a modern-day epitome of the changing dynamics and the need for men to participate in the activities of the home. They serve as a glimpse of what needs to be done in order to make the men participate more in the family activities. When the show is aired television viewers in 46 major cities all tune into watch this primetime show. In the Sina Weibo site there are more than 50 million results. The Weibo page has over 3 million followers. There are an additional 2 million fans that follow this page.

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