personal statement代寫-生態女性主義者

  personal statement代寫-生態女性主義者。根據Zimmerman等人(1993)的研究,在生態女性主義者保護自然的方式中,有八個相互關聯的因素。這是通過女性對生態女性主義的質疑來體現的。人們發現,自然對意識形態的質疑是存在的。這些將在下面詳細提到。這些曆史聯系表明,關於婦女發展和環境的社會科學數據在模式哲學的許多領域是重要的。在倫理內涵方面,人類中心主義和男性中心主義偏見是一個重要的問題。有一個明確的主流偏見和規范倫理道德有關的環境倫理行動表明,這些觀點不是偏見。根據認識論的資料,婦女在各種生產結構中有自己的技術知識。有必要發展“女性主義立場認識論”。論文范文personal statement代寫-生態女性主義者分享給留學生閱讀。

  According to Zimmerman et al., (1993), there has been eight connective factors that dominates the way in which the ecofeminist defend nature. It is indicated by the ways in which the women generally and specially question the notions of ecofeminism. It has been found that there is way in which the nature questions the ideologies. These are mentioned in detail in the following. The historical links suggest that data from social sciences on women development an environment are important in many areas of model philosophy. In the case of ethical connotation, there has been an important issue of anthropocentric and androcentric bias that has been observed. There is an explicit main stream bias and the normative ethics regarding the environmental ethical actions suggest these views are not bias. According to the epistemological data, there is an indigenous technical knowledge of women in various constructs of production. There is a need for a “feminist standpoint epistemology” that needs to be developed. In the case of metaphysical standpoint, the data obtained from the different cultures point to the factor of women-nature connection that raises the fundamental question and raises the awareness of dichotomous human nature relations and the least dominant relationship between these ideologies (Zimmerman et al., 1993, pp 266). There is data that points towards the inferior standards of women across the globe. There is unequal distribution of power and this causes the system of domination over the women and the nature at the same time. From a philosophical standpoint, it raises questions about the female-gendered nature and the roots of the anthropocentric and androcentric bias in any times period. In the stream of biology, there is a data raise issue about the fundamental relationship between feminism and science particularly from a ecological science standpoint (Zimmerman et al., 1993, pp 266). Of these, the most important and grave challenges is the area of conceptual analysis and theory. Ecofeminism raises the fundamental question as to the conception about the self, knowledge rationality and objectivity (Zimmerman et al., 1993, pp 267). It points to the ways in which the inherent male-bias in the society causes havoc to the environment and also points to the ways in which it can be overcome in the societies.

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