This literature review is about English Language Learners (ELL) and the responsibilities of the teachers and the institutions towards it. ELL students are the one who are not able to communicate fluently in English as it is not their native language. Hence it is very important to pay special attention to these students and make necessary changes in the academic curriculum so that even these ELL students can also learn the course easily.

The English Language Learners is the section of the schools which is increasing at a very fast pace. The number of such students is almost doubled in last few decades. In order to make sure that a country grows and the school gives good result, it is important that even these students gets proficient. In order to achieve that target the teachers play a very significant and important role. In this literature review, all the details about English Language Learners will be covered and also there are some recommendations which could help the schools and teachers to achieve their objectives. The most important one is to provide good facilities at the library which can make English learning easier for the students.

English Language Learners are the students who have English as their second language. These are the students who face problems in understanding and communicating in English. In schools and colleges there are special classes and courses for such students. The rate of English Language Learners is increasing at schools and colleges and hence the responsibility and accountability of teachers has increased. It is a bigger challenge for them to handle these students as they come from different backgrounds, culture, ethics, nationalities and economic status (Barr et al, 2012). In order to overcome the problems faced by these students, there has been a lot of changes made in the academic curriculum and the ways of teaching by the teachers. In this literature review there will an overview of all the requirements for an effective instruction and assessment of ELLs in the academic content areas.