从本篇学术论文代写-关公司实施变革所面临的挑战中可以看出,变化影响着每个行业。它包括从小规模的员工重组到合并或接管其他公司。变革是企业未来发展的必然,与此同时,不可否认的障碍和纠纷也随之而来(David, 2001)。对这些障碍进行预测是为了确保及时避开这些障碍,以免在进行改造时引起广泛关注。应对变化的责任在于管理层和组织的执行者。他们需要以工作人员能够处理的方式来处理变化。公司负有促进和促成变革的责任(Tay和Diener, 2011)。在很大程度上,管理者的角色是解释、沟通和授权——而不是指示和强加,实际上没有人会做出反应(Wheelen和Hunger, 2000)。此外,考虑到上面的讨论,这篇特别的论文范文试图强调公司实施变革所面临的挑战,以及应对这些挑战的方法,接下来有学术论文代写-关公司实施变革所面临的挑战分享给大家阅读。

  To start with, there is no doubt in the fact that change impacts each industry. It varies from small level employees’ reorganization to amalgamation or taking over other corporation. Change is kind of necessity for the prospect of the corporation, along with this, indisputable hindrances and disputes come to the way (David, 2001). Forecasting of these hindrances is done to ensure that they are timely evaded such that they do not result into vast concern while carrying out alterations. All through the contemporary business history, companies have tried to unravel value through matching their frameworks with their approaches (Wheelen and Hunger, 2000). When mass production came forward during the 19th century, for example, corporations created huge economies of scale through centralizing chief operations such as sales, operations and finance (Anderson and Anderson, 2001). After some time, when companies diversified products and entered new areas, a rival framework came up. Companies like DuPont and General Motors developed business divisions developed around geographic markets and products (Little, 2014). Although, the smaller business divisions gave up part of economies of scale still they were more adaptable and flexible to local situations (Andrew and Martin, 2001).

  Moreover, these two business frameworks i.e. centralized through function and product substantiated as being strong for a long period, principally for the reason that the development of business was somewhat incremental (David, 2001). Undeniably, the product and service division framework continued to be the leading framework for several years. Nevertheless, when competition increased during the last quarter of 20th century, issues with both frameworks turned out to be obvious, and corporations looked for new means for organizing themselves for unlocking corporate value (Kehr, 2004). Several companies took over the matrix arrangement considering that they can maintain the economies of scale as well as the effectiveness of their product range along with geographic business divisions. Nevertheless, matrix model were hard to manage.

  Accountability for dealing with change rests with the management as well as organization executives. They need to deal with the change in a manner that staff members could handle it. The company holds an accountability of facilitating and enabling change (Tay and Diener, 2011). Greatly, the role of manager is interpreting, communicating and enabling – not instructing and imposing that no one actually reacts to (Wheelen and Hunger, 2000). Further, taking the above discussion into consideration, this particular paper attempts to highlight the challenges faced by a company implementing change along with the ways in which these challenges could be handled.

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