By 1970, Japan had established its image in the world map in terms of architecture. The Japan gained a great footage and value by this time which helped in the exchange of different ideas between the west and the Japan. The metabolist architectural form had also gained significant image in the entire world. Many other nations were also adopting the forms of architecture.

  By this time it was Japan who had influenced the western architecture. An example of the same is the Western cartoons and comics. These have been inspired from the Metabolist architectures. These cartoons include Manga and Amine. Some of these features had been created during the times after the post war or the post-apocalyptic scenario. The situations depicted in these cartoons were similar to those in the metabolist architectural forms. The metabolist architecture had been largely interpreted from the modern western culture in such a manner that the same was not different from the way it had been treated by Africans.

  Another Japanese city which was greatly influenced from the West was the city of Olympus. This was the city which has been made from the archaeologies. It consisted of large structures which were as high as 800 meters and consisted of some of the commercial, residential and business sectors (Riley, 2002). A number of technological benefits which were there in the west had been implemented in the city. The city consisted of the factories which were constructed underground. The creation of the architectures was done. This city was made with such planning that it was dedicated as the best city ever for its user friendliness and the expertise engineering. Metabolist architecture in the city of Olympus was the magnanimous display of proper planning and implementation. This was the kind of architecture which gained massive popularity throughout the world.

  The Osaka World fair was held in the year 1970, which also helped in the exchange of the ideas between the west and Japan. It was proposed by Metabolists that the future of the art can be easily disclosed through the structures. This was one such concept which had allowed the emergence of the metabolistic architecture. There were a large number of western influences which were tied in the Metabolistic architecture.

  After the World Design Conference which was held in Tokyo, a number of urban issues were discussed. It led to the creation of the world design conference in the form of the forum, where the differences between the western architectural culture and the metabolist culture had been discussed. The metabolist architecture was the kind of architecture which consisted of the influences from the western models (Nute, 2004).

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