The white or non-white women are still looked down upon and called by names. It is a herculean task to establish oneself in such a gender centric industry. The various examples given from time to time by the researcher have made me realize the apathy amongst the male counterparts towards the female singers. The lyrics or words used by the black men are very derogatory and demeaning for the females who, in spite of having all the abilities, are left behind. They are often referred to bitches and prostitutes who are supposed to do only what the males want them to. In this world of globalization, such a phenomenon is unthinkable where the men beat the women and try to establish control through sheer physical strength. I think now it is time that the music lovers and all other people related to the field of music take some constructive steps so that the issues of gender bias and racial discrimination cease to exist.

  The presentation basically refers to the kind of practical situation being encountered by the womenfolk in the genre of hip hop music. While this genre is dominated by the black men, the presence of women as hip hoppers is minimal and often looked down upon. The classical convention is the presence of black men as hip hop musicians but not females. In USA, where majority of research has been conducted, it has been found that Hip hop genre of music is associated with aggression, anger and rugged feelings. Thus, it is just the males who can portray it nicely and the black men are a symbol of sexism and masculinity. This genre is largely ruled by them. The presence of white females is more like a paradox and they face numerous challenges in terms of calling names and other sexist remarks while they try to carve their niche in this industry.

  As limited amount of data is available for European nations, the author tried to work in this field considering Sweden as the case source. Since Sweden respects all forms of people and is gender equal country, it was considered for the study. However, it has been found that a similar situation with regard to hip hop music is also prevalent in Sweden.

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