The term ‘Big Science,’ appeared for the very first time in an article named ‘Impact of large scaled science on the United States,’ it was published in a Science magazine in 1961, written by Weinberg, who was a physicist in National Laboratories. This article described the ‘big science’ as a part of the current political economy, as United States had started many researches at a large scale for new projects for the developments in these areas. Weinberg, who sentiments that these are done by individual scientists alone, or with graduate students, they choose their own problems to work whereas scientists working on the projects of ‘Big Science,’ work on the problems or areas required by the governments or big agencies, who are funding for the desired results. The world of ‘Small Science’ did not turn out to be irrelevant but the new world of ‘Big Science’ became the important part of the national security and priority. Early researches results in the development of large accelerators and detecting devices (Weinberg).
Big Science & Government Enterprises
Big science shows same characteristic as of large industries or enterprise of governments, as they are also based on a large scale, require huge amount of funds, which makes it expensive as well, decisions are taken by government, rather than the individuals selected in the company, projects and researches have more than one purpose; like satellites, particle accelerators and telescopes. These researches and developments which are complex and big in size, makes them stand in the competition with the industries and military (Dennis).