为了促进员工队伍的多元化,苹果公司已经采取了所有关键步骤,并确保存在异构的员工队伍。这是通过与不同组织建立伙伴关系来确保的;他们与全国拉美裔MBA学会,全国黑人MBA和女性工程师协会(Larwood 2001)建立了合作关系。这种类型的组织提供了多样性,使员工组成不同的员工组合。苹果公司相信,执行成功企业文化的关键任务之一就是拥有多元化的员工队伍。为了扩大员工的能力,使他们面对多任务,许多公司采取了跨职能的活动。在苹果公司,大多数管理者表示,他们被要求执行与其工作区不同的跨职能活动。




Some of the initiatives which have been undertaken within the organization are; working from home or part-time jobs are being offered to the ageing workforce (Barling 2002). In addition, all the workers are covered by medical insurance whether full-time or part time and the firm encourages all the workers to lead a healthy lifestyle in the firm. According to the data of 2010, the firm had to bear a cost of 80 million dollars per year for insuring all the part-time workers up to an extent of 8000 US dollar per year (Haight 2006).

Diversity of the Workforce

In order to promote diversity amongst its workforce, Apple Inc. has taken all the essential steps and to ensure the existence of heterogeneous workforce. This is ensured by setting up partnership with different organizations; they have partnerships with National society of Hispanics MBAs, National Black MBAs and society of Women Engineers (Larwood 2001). Diversity is rendered by these type of organizations and render the mix of employees with diverse set of workforce. It is believed by Apple Inc. that one of the crucial task to execute a successful corporate culture is to have a diversity in workforce. In order broaden the abilities of the employees and to make them multitask oriented, many of the firms adopt a cross functional activities. In Apple Inc. most of the mangers stated that they were asked to perform cross functional activities which were different from their working zone.


In conclusion, it would be correct to state that so as to ensure that the performance in the firm is very effective and efficient it is necessary to ensure diversity in the workforce. In multinational firms like Apple Inc. diversity is ensured by means of partnership with various institutes and taking in several other measures to ensure the same. It is being widely accepted by different firms across the globe that diversity in the workforce enables an overall growth of the workforce which in a way improves their contribution towards the firm. Apple Inc. also takes into consideration the issue of ageing workforce seriously and undertakes measures to deal with the same.