Locke and Latham’s goal setting theory is integral to motivation drive where target in specific and challenging goals are perceived as inspiring as opposed to easier goals (Locke & Latham, 2013). Timely motivational feedbacks act as a drive. However, this theory has been subjected to criticism in the context that decision making does not often take into account the potential results and the story only focus is on how the motivation is developed. Therefore, in terms of HR policies, care should be taken to develop the job design which should focus on job enlargement, enrichment, management style and culture, empowerment, flexible work, arrangement, quality circles and job rotation.

  As a part of this organisation, I have been promoted to a senior safety programme auditor with suitable compensation. The need for the reward system can be justified through J.Stacey Adams Equity theory, which proposes that employees identify themselves from the job outcomes in relation to their input efforts. They compare the input output ratio with other references to evaluate their current position (Torrington et al., 2005). In the given situation, it should be the duty of the management to resolve inequity right away to eliminate the perception of favouritism or unfairness, which is detrimental in terms of employee motivation. Adams equity theory has found perfection in Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory which has been developed through the relationship of three variables: effort-performance linkage, performance-rewards linkage and attractiveness of reward linkage (Parijat & Bagga, 2014). Vroom’s expectancy theory was later extended by Porter and Lawler to incorporate other features as if abilities trade role perceptions and expectations.

  I employ the medium of communication as an effective technique for encouraging organisational developmental intervention and employee motivation. Hayes had recommended for unique characteristics of communication which can be effectively exploited: role directionality, content and channel. In terms of directionality, communication occurs in a two-way process, where the information is passed from important to the recipient and vice versa. While in terms of motivation, communication has the greatest role of influencing employees and leaders. They should rightly identify and activated at all the potential stages of organisational changes. Communication should be contextually justified and cleared such that messages are straight-forward and are able to communicate the intention to the recipient. It can be channelized through various online and offline media (Hayes, 2013).

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