However, with technical advancements like slow motion replays, multiple angles of camera, advanced graphics, 3D, flat screen, high definition, almost instant compilation of game montage and technical adjudication of umpire, the experience of viewing match at home is considered to be as superior for many in comparison with the live event (Weed, 2006). With the difficulty and cost to attend an event live and a number of options of viewing for offering accessibility and development of new systems of delivery, majority of the fans of sports now can be considered viewing sport by a mediated form while never attending a major event in stadium or any live game. The partial pleasure to be in modern stadia of sports is that their establishment is done for providing unimpeded sightlines, which are further helpful for offering a more individualized and particularized source of visual consumption (Wenner & Gantz, 1998). Along with architectural design, it ends up divorcing participants with respect to the reality across them while gathering them in the form of the shared experience. Finally, it can be stated that sports game in stadium can be considered as raw material and there can be consideration of mediated game as artificial. Media is responsible for manipulating and orienting majority of the perceptions of the audience.

  As there are significant variations among the pleasures, the derivation of which has been done out different categories of spectatorship, within a specific context there is a necessity of the ground theory such as stadium spectatorship, newspaper spectatorship and television spectatorship. Television can be considered as most significant as it is the source by which majority of the audiences consider watching sports. The dimension related to technologies can be referred to as the technical attributes of coverage of sports through television including slow motion replays, multiple angles of camera, advanced graphics, 3D, flat screen, high definition, and almost instant compilation of game montage and technical adjudication of umpire (Shank & Lyberger, 2014). The dimension of discourse can be referred to as the content of sports broadcasted on television and is inclusive of commentaries by color and play- by play, narratives of pre- recorded and live interviews, the pattern of summary presented by leading broadcasters, and ruptures or gaps in flowing words for communication. The key dimension related to social practices and context are referred to as social norms and expectations that surround spectatorship (as more men watch sports on television in comparison with women) and the social practices comprising of context regarding the actual view (Stefan, 2014). This is further inclusive of the sociological attributes of the viewers, social conduct for fans of television, and their motives to view the broadcast. They are established for the accommodation of commercial requirement of the broadcaster and the sponsor, and are designed especially for meeting each and every needs of consumption and consumerism.

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