通过英国代写-皮革与奢侈品的概念联系可以看出,奢侈品购物对于旅游业来说越来越重要,因为它是大多数游客旅游的主要原因。这表明旅客的偏好越来越多地购买高质量的产品,这本身就是高端产品。这些消费者对皮革的看法是相似的,因为他们把皮革与奢侈品的概念联系在一起,奢侈品被生产者视为有价值的东西,反过来,提高了成衣皮革产品的质量。同样明显的是,外国消费者更有可能从拥有相同国籍和语言能力的销售人员的商店购买产品(Yamamoto和Bayramoglu, 2011)。例如,有人认为,在法国的奢侈品零售企业中,雇佣普通话和俄语员工正吸引更多消费者,并推动了销售。接下来有关英国代写-皮革与奢侈品的概念联系讨论如下:

  The target consumer demographics are inclusion of celebrities, wealthy individuals, fashionistas and societal upper class. The target audience is further expanded to involve the upper middle class and middle class individuals that might not be able to afford high end pricing. The consumers that prefer to purchase luxury products and more inclined towards buying leather based products range from age 20 to 50 years old along with likeliness of their children to buy products from kids range (Togan, 2016). It is considered that the affluent baby boomer generation have already accumulated wealth and attainted the luxury lifestyle that was aspired. This has caused them to shift their focus on experiences over the luxury goods. Hence, the millennials are considered to be on the path to affluence and it is estimated that this generation has not yet reached the level of desired wealth. This implies that it will take approximately a decade for them to reach the crucial mass within their window of affluence. Hence, the considerably smaller in size Generation X is within the age window that defined the individual’s peak income of life marking them as potential consumers of luxury products. Therefore the perspective of luxury of the present potential consumers’ generation are considered in aligning the organizations objective to reach them.

  The market consumption is majorly underlined through the tourism as their spending drives over 60 per cent of French revenues (Yamamoto et al., 2009b). France remains the leading destination for global tax free shopping in the year of 2013 ahead of both Italy and UK. The tourists that spent the most were from China amounting to 34 per cent of their spending. Apart from them, five largest spenders are identified within the nation to be from United States, Russia, Singapore and Japan.

  Shopping within the luxury segment has become growingly essential for the travel sector as it is the primary reason for majority of tourists to travel. This showcases the preference among the travelers to increasingly buy products of high quality and that is high end in itself. The leather is viewed similarly by these consumers as they associate it with the notion of luxury which is viewed as value by the producers and in turn improve the ready wear leather produces to be a better quality. It is also evident that the foreign consumers are more likely to buy a product from stores that have employed sales staff of common nationality and common language speaking ability (Yamamoto and Bayramoglu, 2011). For instance, it is viewed that the employment of Mandarin and Russian workforce among luxury retails in France are attracting more consumers and boosting the sales.

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