Engemann and Henderson (2013) discuses the theory of business resilience from the point of its connection with business continuity in uncertain times. Business continuity is a desirable aspect of serving the markets and customers, and being competitive. When it is disturbed by an avoidable threat or crisis, it is the lack of non-readiness and non-resilience of Tesco. Tesco did what it could but not enough what it should have. Being a large organisation, it was expected that Tesco could have managed to deter this crisis. Tesco should have understood and accept that crisis are inevitable, either internal or external. Assuming non-occurrence of a crisis and over-relying on outdated versions of resilience mechanism is the easiest ignorance. Tesco, hence, did not think it proper to constantly reinvent and recalibrate its resilience mechanism with changing time and with the changes in the type and extent of crisis.

  Hollnagel, Pariès and Wreathall (2011) come with a theory of competitiveness with resilience practices, where competitive strength goes up with resilience and comes down when there exists no resilience. Tesco’s competitiveness had been outstanding, which competed with the likes of Carrefour and Wal-Mart, and other local retailers. With the arrival of this crisis, Tesco’s response reflected its weak resilience practice or the absence thereof. Thus, Tesco was indeed weak in its resilience mechanism, which was apparent in its lacklustre response to the crisis.

  Its ignorance and over reliance on outdated strategies for managing risks made it mistook it for its strength. Tesco degraded its competitive advantage because it did not behave as it should by building resilience to avoid and deter all crisis. The inevitability of the crisis is ruled out because it is an avoidable crisis, which it oversaw. Tesco’s case is one such case which reinforces the belief that nothing is permanent in business, not even resilience.

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