英国论文代写 保护野生动物 秃鹰


秃鹰是美国最大的鸟。这个鸟的平均体重约30磅而完全长大成人的鸟可以伸展它的翅膀大约10英尺。他们能飞高达15000英尺高。秃鹰是最长寿清道夫鸟的寿命大约60年。它通常以鹿和牛等哺乳动物的死亡,腐烂的肉。秃鹰是一种黑色鸟,以秃顶和非常少的羽毛。它的翅膀下补丁是白色和头部的颜色从白色到紫色不等。这些食腐动物,无论多么危险,他们听起来是必不可少的成员,我们的生态系统(维尔纳,1978)。但数量极大的减少在1970年代末,只有22个加州秃鹰被报道在1982年- 1983年。这是最低的记录数量的这种生物(教堂,2006)。秃鹰被添加到美国濒危物种名单列表。此后各种组织和社会正在努力保护这和把它带回野生生物的生活。

Condor is the largest bird in America. The average weight of this bird is around 30lbs while a fully grown up adult bird can stretch its wings to about 10 feet. They can fly as much as 15,000 feet high. Condor is the longest living scavenger bird with a lifespan of around 60 years. It normally feeds on dead and decaying flesh of mammals like deer and cattle. A Condor is a black color bird, with a bald head and very less feathers. Its under wing patches are of white color and head’s color varies from white to purple. These scavengers, no matter how dangerous they may sound are essential member of our ecosystem (Verner, 1978). But their number decreased tremendously during the late 1970s, with only 22 California Condors were reported to be alive in the year 1982-1983. It was the lowest recorded number of this creature (Church, 2006). The Condors were then added in the list of endangered species list of the United States. Since then various organizations and societies are working to conserve this creature and bring it back to wild life.