现在企业家精神的影响已经转移,并没有发生一个正在为技术和发展工作的戏剧性和重大变化。今天,商业上成功的关键因素是采用新的创新。这将有助于给公司带来新的波折,这将给公司带来巨大的转变(Kershaw,2012)。杰弗里·蒂蒙斯(Jeffery Timmons)曾经提到企业家,他们是耐心的领导者和老师他们成功的关键在于任何企业的经理和领导者为他人树立榜样。员工追随领导者的脚步,他们是有远见的人。
下一部分是关于公司理论的提供。谷歌已经被选中,并且已经选择了与工具和概念相关的共振理论和概念的理论。根据课程中提到的文字,领导者的工作就是关注领导者有远见卓识,长远规划他们不考虑短期利益,而是寻求长期的成功,总是通过一开始就设定短期目标,然后长期实现这些目标来实现。 Kozami(2002)评论说,领导者进行的沟通是外部和内部的,他有责任向员工分享愿景。领导者不仅仅是通过实践例子来说明公司的愿景。

Now the impact of entrepreneurship has been shifted and has not been into a dramatic and significant change that is working for technology and development. Today the key factor of success in business is about adopting something new and innovative. This will help in giving the company new twists and turns that will give a dramatic shift to the company (Kershaw, 2012). Jeffery Timmons has mentioned about entrepreneurs that they are patient leaders and teachers. They key to success in any business is about manager and leader of the company setting the example for others. Employees follow the footsteps of their leaders and they are visionaries.
Applying theories and concepts
Now the next part is about the provision of the theories about the company. Google has been selected and theories have been selected about the resonant theories and concepts that are linked with the tools and concepts. According to the text mentioned in the course, the job of the leader is about following things leader has great vision and ideas, they have long term planning they do not think about the short term profit but they are looking for the long term success that is always achieved by setting short term targets in the beginning and then attaining these targets in the long term. Kozami (2002) commented that the communication conducted by the leader is external and internal and he has the responsibility of sharing the vision to the employees. Leaders not just say about the vision of the company they set examples by practically attempting the examples.
Kotter’s principle for communicating vision
Various principles of communicating the vision those are important for the company are discussed in the course and those will be discussed now. The first principle is about keeping it simple, it is important that the leader works for the development of the employees and when he or she communicates this vision it should be simple so employees can understand it (Lan, 2005). Metaphors and analogies are important during the communication. Leader uses different forums for communicating the vision. Listen to the employees of the company and then use their vision and ideas for managing the communication.