It was recently identified that certain largest ocean waves are invisible and these rollers are regarded as the internal waves. These waves traverse below water and remain undetectable. The ocean water dynamics gives strong focus to the internal waves as they can have impact on the global climate modeling. Peacock, a research at MIT, conducted an in-depth research in the Luzon Strait. He identified that the waves could reach higher than 500 meters.

The internal wave is not a new concept to the researchers. Yet, the impacts are not given the essential degree of importance. These waves have the ability to create large–scale simulations of the oceanographic situations with greater accuracy. The researchers at MIT and the Institute of Fluid Mechanics developed a mathematical model to explain the motion and creation of the internal waves. Keeping Luzon Strait as the prime example and model for the development, the global climate model was built. The results of the model creation proved the strong role played by the internal waves in driving ocean circulations.

I am bringing this news to the attention of NASA as it is already developing multiple policies to control climate change and its impacts on the globe. There are chances where the internal waves might be either avoided or less regarded. Of particular concern, there is a possibility for the internal wave to alter the circulation of Earth or oceanographic system. With the possibility of such grave consequences, NASA has the thorough expertise to handle vast efforts with the perfect infrastructure.