英国论文代写-循环经济的增长方式。循环经济不仅试图发展一种不产生废物的经济,而且可以发展一种废物变得有价值的生态系统(Bocken et al. 2016)。对可再生资源的需求是谨慎的。此外,通过回购计划为客户提供好处,使他们能够改变具有趋势成本的产品,从而有效地开发强大的销量(George et al. 2015)。它使经济以可持续的方式增长,并保持可持续的消费水平。

Various organizations across the globe have achieved competitive advantage though circular economy. The principles of circular economy can be viewed across the Philips Lighting business (Planing 2015). This organization has shifted the business model as they moved from the product approach to selling the lighting as service to the businesses and municipalities. The service proposition suggests that the customer pays only for the light and the organization provides with the maintenance and upgradation of the installed lights (Murray et al. 2015). Furthermore, the circular model not only allowed Phillips to provide the lights with long life cycle but also provide the maintenance and ongoing repairing when they are needed at the minimal costs along with the savings of electricity expenses (Mentink 2014). This case of Philips shows that by integrating the model of circular economy within their business strategy, the organization was able to pursue more number of customers for the sales of services. This further allowed Phillips to attain higher level of profit margins through innovative breakthroughs across the design of the product.

It can be recommended that other organizations can leverage the principles, elements and school of thoughts associated with circular economy to attain competitive advantages (Mendoza et al. 2017). Therefore, following suggestions and recommendations can be considered as best practices to improve profitability and market share:
The closed loops production systems can be developed to use the waste material as secondary input for the production of new product (Lieder & Rashid 2016). It will ensure that cost advantage and resource conservation are achieved by the organization.
Integration of circular economy model in the business’ mission, vision and processes can be performed to ascertain that the products and services are designed with circular economy in consideration (Ghisellini et al. 2016). It will make sure that the organization can achieve a high level of innovation and reduce the cost of production substantially.
Several programs can be introduced by organizations like buy-back and exchange of the similar old products for discounts. The buy back scheme will enable the organization to obtain the raw materials along with each item’s delivery and enhancing the revenue streams.

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