此外,维护成本正在减少三分之一,由于互联网协议(IP)路灯的实施,并已观察到收入增加了5000万美元,由于从远程监控停车所产生的收入。一个明显的证据是,在过去的7年中,经济由大数据实施和应用系统,包括大数据驱动产生了47000个就业机会。这样就降低了他们的经济风险。因特网协议(IP)网络是提高大数据使用率的主干和主要来源.。数以十亿计的物理设备正在连接通过这些网络在全球各地,每天。连接个人,共享信息和处理都依赖于这些网络。这些网络和大数据在数据采集、处理和组织中的重要性不容忽视。随着时间的推移,数据的数量和复杂性正在增加.。数据变得越来越复杂,如果被大量收集,换句话说。由于采用大数据处理大量数据集成为可能.。(呵,T.,护城河,H. S.,斯坦利,H. E.,2013)


Our way of working, living and performing day-to-day activities is significantly influenced by the usage of big data. Big data is being utilized in almost every field of life and in almost all the institutes of an economy. Big data implementation has proved to be beneficial for the organizations as well as for the entire economy as a whole in many perspectives. (Warner, B., 2013).

In order to generate new employment opportunities, big data is being used by the government institutes. A good example of this is the usage of big data by the Spanish government for the creation of new jobs and for increasing the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Implementation of big data has been facilitating the organizations in a number of ways. According to various surveys which have been conducted in several regions of the world, $ 58 million is being saved annually due to devices which monitor pipe leakage and water pressure, remotely.

Furthermore, the maintenance costs are being reduced by one third due to the implementation of Internet Protocol (IP) street lights, and a $50 million rise in the revenue has been observed due to the revenue being generated from remotely monitored parking. A clear evidence of this is that over the past 7 years, an economy being driven by big data implementation and application of systems including big data has generated 47,000 jobs. This as a result has reduced their economic risks. The Internet Protocol (IP) networks are the backbone and a major source of the raised usage of big data. Billions of physical devices are being connected via these networks all around the globe, daily. Linking individuals, sharing of information and processing all depend on these networks. The significance of these networks and big data usage in gathering, processing and organization of data cannot be neglected. With every passing day, the volume and complexity of the data is increasing. The data is becoming more complicated and if being collected in huge volumes, in other words. Handling huge amounts of data sets has become possible due to the adoption of big data. (Preis, T., Moat, H. S., & Stanley, H. E., 2013)