经典的蓝色牛仔类型我夹克首次出现在1900年年初的和已知的506 xx批号。这1936 1型夹克从李维斯复古服装由世界著名的锥生边牛仔工厂改变了世界所有的认可。它与传播领100%保证棉花和按钮门襟与柄螺栓前面按钮(阿克,1997)。让李维斯夹克其标志性的外观是其直接配合和倒塔克可调有把握的事情。这个有把握的事情也被称为“夹子”和位于较低的中心的夹克。早在1900年- 1930年的银扣使用但自1940年以来的李维斯开始使用铜扣的成本效率。其他细节包括褶前和沿着室内门襟边工作。


夹克首次出现在1905年,被称为“上衣”,直到1930年底。这意味着作为一种防护服恭维粗犷的牛仔马裤。最初的李维斯506 xx夹克是由9盎司牛仔。逐渐这single-pocketed buckle-back夹克被称为“1型,”,慢慢地演变成熟悉的双将版本在1962年盛行至今。


The classic blue denim type I jacket first appeared in the early 1900’s and known by its 506XX lot number.  This 1936 Type 1 Jacket from Levi’s Vintage Clothing made from raw selvedge denim from the world famous Cone Mills transformed the world beyond all recognition. It is 100% guaranteed cotton with spread collar and button front placket with shank stud buttons (Aaker,1997). What gives the Levi’s jacket its iconic look is its straight fit and inverted tuck with an adjustable cinch back. This cinch back is also called as “clincher” and is located at lower centre of the jacket. Earlier in 1900’s – 1930’s silver buckles were used but since 1940’s Levi’s started using bronze buckles for its cost effectiveness. Other details include pleated front and selvedge works along the interior placket.

Levi’s world famous Type I jacket stands as a perfect epitome of the American work culture and lifestyle. It often symbolizes as the unofficial uniform of the working class. The most unique and glorious thing about the jacket is its simplicity yet elegancy. One doesn’t have to be a Levi’s super-fan to appreciate the intricate work that has gone into it. It is hard to not to notice the beautiful exposed copper rivets, knife pleats and the bovine leather patch.

The jacket first appeared around 1905, and was referred to as “blouse” until late 1930’s. It was meant as a kind of protective clothing to compliment rugged denim pantaloons. The original Levi’s 506XX jacket was made from 9 oz. denim. Gradually this single-pocketed, buckle-back jacket became known as the “Type 1,” and slowly evolved into the familiar double pocketed version in 1962 which is prevailing till date.