The main base related to Confucianism is being humanistic that is also referred as the “secular as sacred.” The key characters of the philosophy shall be discussed further ahead in this part of the essay.

The two concepts are often said to be constituting the main base related to Confucianism that are li and Jen. Jen is considered as being goodness, man-to-man-ness, human heartedness, and benevolence that is considered to be making a man distinctive of being human. “The virtues of virtue” has never been seen as being fully expressed. The other characteristic is that this can be considered as being “dearer than life itself”.

The life of Jen shall contribute in sacrificing the life for the preservation of Jen that can be considered as being a sense with respect to dignity focusing on the human life. This dignity provides a sense of humanity towards self-esteem and others as well. These characteristics are said to be applied to all feelings. According to the Chinese, this is the natural perfection being held by all men.

The 4 life’s noble truths given by Lord Buddha are extraordinarily represented in the religion idealizing not only on life forms existing on the planet but also the universe across which is yet to be explored. The only way by which one can end the suffering in his life is through following the path of enlightenment. Suffering is not the problem, the problem is those things which we engage in doing. Therefore, the religion promotes insistence on refraining from doing anything that will make a man suffer life after life such as keeping desires.