Ethical code of conduct is an integral aspect to research and in application of the theories in respect to the social settings. It is fundamentally important for any research to operate on the paradigm of integrity and truthfulness. In the case of industry specific data, there should be careful adherence of the ethical policy. The data should not be fabricated nor misused under any circumstances. This promotion of the ethical code of conduct in the research process is an integral aspect that needs to be applied for all the participants involved. While handling of the confidential data, there should be care taken to ensure that the data has been stored properly in a safe place (Tum and Norton, 2006).

  One of the core values of Hilton is the integrity values that have been espoused by the management. The worker should have strong awareness of the integrity and culture that is required during their performance. There should be regular culture checkup that the company should undertake. They should periodically request the views of the employees regarding the ethics of their work (Altinay, Paraskevas, and Jang, 2015).

  The company should understand that not all workers would have the same productivity at the same times. There should be more flexibility of the worker hours. The employees should be motivated and inspired to work at specific times. The voices of the employees should be heard and incorporated with the management principles (Altinay, Paraskevas, and Jang, 2015).

  While assimilating data from various resources and participants, there should be care taken to ensure that there is proper consent of data and permission for publishing of the results. It is important to ensure that when collecting information from the participant personal bias does not seep through. The presentation of the data should be in the most neutral manner. It is important to validate the sources of information and check for the veracity of the information. These are the ethical aspect that were considered in this report generation.