国际开放是这一排名的一大优势,Car2go和来新西兰旅游的游客都是这一优势。代写论文价格排名较弱的是价格竞争力,为117。这预示着一个非常严格的税收制度,酒店价格,购买力平价绝对疲软,以及有点过高的燃料价格。较高的酒店价格与优越的旅游基础设施是一个严格的矛盾,它抑制了入境游客。税收是酒店价格上涨的主要原因,这给Car2go带来了很大的风险,包括营业税、市场份额和对旅游运营商的依赖。这也会对货币兑换造成很大影响,试图考虑更便宜或更物有所值的旅游计划的游客可能不会满意。较高的货币兑换税对即将到来的游客构成了威胁,因此Car2go经历了一个巨大的风险,当游客流量下降,私人旅游将接管租赁公司。当税收下降,货币兑换变得合理时,未来可能会有机会。这些指标强烈反对Car2go考虑进入新西兰的观点,因为该公司的大部分业务将取决于游客在不感到经济拮据的情况下轻松购物的可能性。此外,高昂的燃料成本也阻碍了该公司进入中国市场的希望,代写论文价格前提是该公司完全使用电动汽车,而且不引入基于汽油的汽车。虽然营业税高,它提出了一个问题,是否该公司能够打破在合理的时间,失败了,它可能不得不突然强迫停止业务(部落和Airey, 2007)。

International openness is a radical 3 in the rankings, a winner for Car2go and for the tourists coming to visit New Zealand. A weaker ranking lies in the price competitiveness which is at 117. This infers a very stricter tax regime, hotel prices, purchasing power parity being absolutely weak, and somewhat exorbitant fuel prices. Higher hotel rates are a strict contradiction to superior tourism infrastructure and it puts brakes on incoming tourists. Taxes are the main reason for higher hotel rates, which poses great risk for Car2go in terms of business tax, market share, and its dependency on travel operators.This also affects currency exchange very high and tourists trying to consider cheaper or value for money travel plans may not be satisfied. Higher taxes on currency exchange poses a threat to the country for forthcoming tourists, hence Car2go experiences a large risk when tourist flow would decline and private travel will take over rental companies. There may be opportunities in the future when taxes come down and currency exchange becomes reasonable.These indicators are strongly against the opinion that Car2go considers entering New Zealand, as most of the company’s business shall depend on how likely the tourists are to buy easily without 代写论文价格feeling the pinch. Additionally, the exorbitant fuel cost is a dampener for the company’s hopes for entering the country, provided it is completely on electric cars and no gas based cars are introduced. Though business taxes being high, it raises a question whether the company be able to break free in reasonable time, failing which it may have to abruptly force stop the business (Tribe & Airey, 2007).


New Zealand is an ideal market for any business to enter to operate business, if it were not for the higher taxes and exorbitant fuel and business taxes, to add purchase power parity being significantly low. These factors suggest an opinion that Car2go wait for some time before the conditions of 代写论文价格taxation improve in the country, after which it can take a fresh assessment of the pillars of competitiveness.