本篇論文代寫-新西蘭食品集團的業務競爭優勢分析所選的公司是食品(新西蘭)有限公司,它是新西蘭兩個酒類和雜貨零售商合作社的一個集團。該集團的總部設在南島和北島,共同控制著新西蘭約52%的雜貨市場。該公司擁有店內自有品牌“Budget”和“Pam’s”,以及零售專營權“Pak’n Save”、“New World”和“Four Square”。該公司還持有該倉庫10%的股份。新西蘭的超市行業似乎存在著有效的雙頭壟斷。這指的是,食品唯一真正的競爭對手是澳大利亞的連鎖超市——進步企業。作為零售商,食品不能被視為在真空中運作。整個環境、消費者的購買或購物行為、市場內的競爭、海外的發展和趨勢都對零售企業的成敗有著重要的影響。在食品行業極其敏感的情況下,食品的重點是銷售最大化。而業務的關鍵優勢是其技術,因為公司了解通過調整技術來驅動業務戰略的需要。這樣的聯合可以帶來許多好處。接下來論文代寫-新西蘭食品集團的業務競爭優勢分析如下,僅做為參考供同學們閱讀。

  The key strength of the business is its technology as the company understands the need to drive the strategy of business by aligning technology. Such alignment can lead to a number of benefits. The advancement of technology at Foodstuffs has been developing an agile strategy of IT, managing information of enterprise resourcefully, ensuring the sale and delivery of sustainable products, and providing the makers of decision with trusted data. It had been stated by Durgut (2009) that it results in the encouragement of freely flowing ideas in the entire organization and across the network of business. As per Trajtenberg and Bresnahan (1995), there can be the best description of information technology as a basic purpose for the achievement of success in an organization. Information technology is not just a traditional method of capital investment.

  According to the Annual Report of Foodstuffs South Island Limited (2015), the implementation of SAP system had been the key focus of the business in the year 2009, successfully moving the business towards the achievement of success. The technology of SAP addressed that the advantages for Foodstuffs weretime taken in completing marketing activities, gross profit analysis, and procurement of a number of different computerized initiatives. As per the report, the next key goal of Foodstuffs was focused on introducing SAP to each and every major members of the retail. As a result, the company was successful in achieving the following benefits:

  Reduction of costs: These costs were reduced in terms of cost of goods sold and the costs of labour.

  Operations being streamlined: The common standards and processes were simplified by the use of one integrated version of database supporting processes across the company for the achievement of best standard practices.

  Increasing productivity and improving the making of decision: It simplifies the process for focusing upon the significant elements related to the job by repetitive and basic tasks of automation. This helps in reporting better and allowing the employees for accessing up- to- date and simultaneous data helping to make better decisions.

  Increasing sales and profits: Provision of better understanding about the needs of the consumer is a significant strength for Foodstuffs, while there is optimization of product variety. The business has been ensuring fast checkout and exceptional services for the customers that further end up maximizing the frequency and number of customers visiting the store and spending on every visit they make.

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