英国论文代写 营销策略


消息的策略是所有营销策略的基础。它需要强大的或你的营销努力将瓦解。你的信息战略由定位声明和三到四个支持点(打嗝&鲍威尔,2008)。他们解决关键的目标市场问题,因为一个好处。在这点上,《广告狂人》做得很好。这个节目一直利用其风格和性感因素来吸引观众。“广告狂人”提升为“性感”显示在电视从第三季。这一趋势一直持续和观众也回应它。大多数人都调在好奇心的驱使下找到什么是如此性感展示基于60的。令人难以置信的吸引力将是一大亮点,因为“Don Draper”的魅力吸引了相同数量的女性观众,的“魅力”因素的琼·哈里斯(克里斯蒂娜·亨德里克斯)或‘Betty德雷伯’吸引男性观众

A message strategy is the foundation for all the marketing strategies that follow. It needs to be strong or your marketing efforts will disintegrate. Your message strategy consists of a positioning statement and three to four support points (Belch & Powell, 2008). They address key target market problems by stating a benefit. “Mad Men” has done this well over the years. The show has always used its style and sexiness factor to lure its audiences. “Mad Men” has been promoted as the “Sexiest Show in Television” right from season 3. This trend has been continued and the viewers have also responded to it. Most people have tuned in just to find out of curiosity what is so sexy about a show based on the 60’s. The incredibly attractive cast is a big plus because the charm of ‘Don Draper’ attracts the same amount of female viewers, as the ‘oomph’ factor of ‘Joan Harris’ (Christina Hendricks) or ‘Betty Draper’ attracts male viewers