幻想会使意义,当人们初步了解术语和用电影中的术语。该术语不应该很有技术,一般人无法理解。在戒指的幻想元素主背景是从神话(Barker和Mathijs),这使观众了解和参与更容易。同样,在Van Helsing的情况下,德古拉伯爵和吸血鬼的概念是什么,广大的观众已经意识到,鉴于作品和电影已经围绕布莱姆·斯托克的演讲(斯托克)。


The audience should feel that that is exactly how they would have reacted in the situation. They should primarily be able to entice and invoke passion in the story. The Fantasy movies have the added burden of appearing realistic. The movies like the Lord of the rings were able to fundamentally transport the audience to another dimension. They should be interesting enough and relatable and in a similar way it can be noticed that Van Helsing achieves this effect too.

The fantasy will make sense only when the people primarily understand the terminologies and the jargons used in the movie. The jargons should not be very technical that the average person cannot understand. In the context of the Lord of the Rings fantastical elements were draw from Mythology (Barker and Mathijs), this made it easier for viewers to understand and become involved. Similarly in the case of Van Helsing, the concept of the Dracula or the vampire is something that the majority of the viewers are already aware of, given the writings and movies that are already built around Bram Stoker’s presentation (Stoker).

When the people are able to primarily connect with the main story line and are able to definitely be involved in the main story line, then they become more active audiences. Active audiences are members that participate in the storyline actively and make a lot of effort to understand. The actively question why a certain event had to take place in the movie story line, they question why the main protagonist chose a particular alternative etc. The passive audiences are the nonchalant members who are not swayed by the movie. They do not have any insights to offer. They do not want to be involved in the movie they watch the movies to distract themselves (Nightingale). The passive audience should be converted into an active audience. The brilliance of the filmmaker lies in the number of passive audience they were able to convert into active audience. The fantasy should draw in the viewer and make the viewer engross in the storyline.