As can be seen from some education literature in the middle ages, theologians no longer use philosophy when discussing education in a deductive way. Rather, it starts with theology, and USES the bible as the basis for the argument. Or prove the conclusion right in the name of god. Philosophy is subordinated to theology and reason to belief, the highest principle advocated by medieval theologians, which is also reflected in the discussion on education. Theological governance is an important reason for the rigid, inverted and poor medieval scholarship. It tells us from the opposite side the decisive meaning of the major premise of the deduction. Theologian view of education distinguishes between faith and truth, morality and knowledge. It is a kind of cognitive progress. Because absolute and true, though related, are not the same, the distinction is helpful to the study of their differences and their respective characteristics. What is related to this is that religious educators in the middle ages focused on a series of changes in people’s inner world and spiritual field, such as inner experience, introspection and perception, and dissected human nature with their own experience and feelings as examples. It describes the long path of man’s conversion to god.

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