Opportunity of equality in American Educational systems:
The Gao kao system in china:
The essentials of Gao Kao are taking students away from innovative thinking and is even discouraging creativity in them. They are just left as teat-taking masters by scoring high in Gao Kao. As per the records of a survey of last 30 years, it was revealed that the 1000 participants of Gao Kao the top scorers do not have any exceptional careers as was expected by them. The students of China do not have any opportunity to undertake Gao Kao twice a year as it just happens once a year. The students who secure low grades will have to repeat the exams to be held in next year. This makes the student of China undergo stress of shame and stigma of lagging behind their friends who are studying in colleges.
High Stake testing in America’s education system:
With High stake tests important decisions regarding students, educators, schools and districts etc for accountability purposes. The federal, state and local governments make an attempt with the cooperation of administration of schools for ensuring that the students are enrolled in effective schools to be taught be efficient and effective teachers. The high stake tests are of crucial importance when it comes over the consequences of the system on students and the schooling system. The need for consequences through a formal trigger should not form the basis of high stakes testing programs (Zhao, 2009). In real, the quality of schooling system is judged by the public with the kind of results achieved through test results that can even provide a picture that the choices of children have been affected by the test results.