However, when I researched over it more and through the interview, I learnt that when a person became a leader so the leadership styles that was used were extremely important and measured the true effectiveness of a leader. A leader was not up to the mark until and unless he used the right kind of leadership style (Tracy, 2014).

According to the Michigan State Studies, there were two types of leaders, one that was employee-oriented and the other that was production oriented (Sawyer, 1960). These leadership styles showed that there were two different types of leaders in an organization. A production oriented leader was such who focused highly upon the tasks that were being carried out and wanted better performance from the members.

Whereas, an employee oriented leader was one that focused upon the employees and on maintaining good terms with them and cared about their well-being (Yukl, 1981). He not only gets the work done but has got good terms with the workers so that they can interact with the leader in a more open manner that would be beneficial for the organization.

Although, thousands of theories have been presented upon leadership that explain the effectiveness of leadership, I felt that only a few were effective enough and if I were a leader I would focus more upon the employees but side by side I would also be focusing upon their performance in order to make sure that I am effective enough to lead well in order to reach my goals.