英国论文代写-中国文化的动态性。中国文化的动态变化给人们的生活带来了越来越多的西方规范。现在,中国文化和以前不同了。现代中国文化融合了西方文化的许多方面,如民主和科学。当然,文化是一种社会现象,它取决于我们作为人类的行为和互动方式。这些操作和流程之间没有明显的共性(Coen, 2012)。同时,文化不是静止的,而是动态的(Latane, 1996)和多样化的(Coen, 2012)。文化的动态性表现出适应和变革的能力。Jenco(2013)提供了一个中国文化在五四运动中变化的例子。新文化运动强调民主和科学,反对以儒家思想为基础的中国传统文化。接下来论文范文英国论文代写-中国文化的动态性分享给留学生阅读。

  The dynamic change of Chinese culture brings more and more western norms into people’s lives. And currently, the Chinese culture is different from before. The modern Chinese culture incorporates many aspects of western culture, such as democracy and science. Certainly, culture is a social phenomenon that depends on how we as humans behave and interact. There is no clear commonality among these operations and processes (Coen, 2012).At the same time, culture does not remain stationary, but is dynamic (Latané, 1996) and various (Coen, 2012). The dynamic nature of culture shows the capability of adaptation and reform. Jenco (2013) provides an example of the change of Chinese culture during the May Fourth movement. The new culture movement emphasizes democracy and science, as opposed to the traditional Chinese culture which is based on Confucianism.

  Chinese culture may be defined as something that has a deep historical enroots. The culture of China is popular in history and has its own characteristics which are popular in the entire world. The culture of China is largely influenced by the Confucian policy. As per the same policy, it is believed in the Chinese culture that there should be harmony in the society through giving the respect to the age and the social hierarchy. In addition to this, the students in China may accept different status because of being a legitimate. Thus, the people who live in China generally do not intend to say what actually they meant if they have a belief that the same may hurt other people in a group.

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