There are several challenges that needed to be properly assessed and evaluated in this business. It is needless to comment that Lettuce business is very much profitable as it is consumed by so many people, but in Lincolnshire as then transportation has not developed so much, often it become very much problematic to transport those products to the freezers and to the market. It costs a lot to the farmers. Therefore improvement of the proper transportation can be the possible remedy to improve the service.

As has already been mentioned that there are several performance challenges that the companies seem to face which often let them downed in business (Harrington). Therefore, strategical application is very much needed. Before launching the product into the market place what is most necessary is the proper assessment of the market place. The demand of the market of that stipulated product is necessary and proper estimation and investment needed, is to be justified. On the other hand, supply chain of the market is to be profoundly organized and potential strategies to capitalize the market is needed to be chalked out.

The price of the product is needed to be kept within the capacity of the customers so that it can manipulate the market place and stands as the competitive edge in the market place. The price of the product is needed to be kept within the customer purchasing capacity which will let the customers not to let the demand of the product down. Moreover, the product needs .to maintain its quality so that in no way the interfaith falls apart (Belluz et al.).

For the proper production, the basic need is the application of all the resources fruitfully and the conditionality of the resources is needed to be properly maintained. More to be added, a frequent supply in the market place will let the product very much affluent.