The Computer and the ethical mandates are an interdisciplinary approach. These are found to be determined by the philosophically-trained scholars. In spite of this aspect, there is clarity that is not established in the social media portals. This in itself is a newer concept. Added to this, the Chinese consumers do not consider the social media CSR to be a genuine trend. There is the factor of the temporal coincidence that is found to be exist in the social networking phenomenon. There are numerous empirical studies that are being undertaken in the empirical studies and the impacts of the computer-mediated-communication (CMC). There are still certain anomalies and factoring of the sociologist’s ideologies, anthropologist’s viewpoints and conventional philosophy that needs to be factored in this paradigm.

  The ethical implications of the newer technologies were not known. Added to this, these philosophers who have probed into these theories have taken and presented independent viewpoint of the various issues. Furthermore, there are the traditional philosophical resources that need to be incorporated with the newer invasive technologies. These are in itself an arduous task. There are intricate links that are forged between researches and other studies in many of the disciplinary contexts that need to be constantly evaluated. In spite of the differences in the ideology of the cultures, it is possible to focus on the CSR where the people are impacted positively. Fundamental tenets of humanity and empathy are the same across the cultures. These will be probed.

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