Pre arrival training or preparation training for international assignees is crucial. For employees and their family to adjust to new environment, this training is conducted. The objective of this training is to teach employee skills and competency required for international assignment. Employee and their family are given cultural training. The aim of cultural training is to make employee aware of the culture of host country and enhance their cultural sensitivity. Employees are given training to develop behavioural competency. This helps employee to adapt to new culture, communicate in the country effectively and show skills at human relation in another culture.

  There are several areas which are focused and emphasized in culture training. Employees are given training on intercultural business skills (eg. negotiation styles in different nations), culture shock management. Culture shock tends to become confused when introduced to new culture. It is one of the most important reasons for expat failure. Other areas include lifestyle adjustment, local customs, language learning strategies, etc. (Parkinson and Morley, 2006).

  On arrival, training is important for employee. Employee is given orientation training after arriving in the host country. This training focuses on making employee aware of local environment, customs and norms. Assignment of “local buddy” helps client adjust to new culture. It is important because employee is new and doesn’t know a lot of people in nation.

  Training host country nationals is also important. They should understand the existence of cultural differences and accept them. They should be trained to handle cultural differences effectively. They should be aware of the management style and process of business activity of different nation. They act as socialising agents (Toh and DeNisi, 2007).

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